Modern Man.

In business
Blatantly accomplishing
Impossible feats.
Separating man from his soul,
Church from state.
Dismantling fences
Race and fate.
Cast your vote
Throw your stone.
For me
Misery comes cheap
Starve them out.
Pretentious in our wishes
Command an army
Of won.


You fill
The heart on my sleeve.
Sharing the northern sky
Lost in the Milky Way
In the deep of the night.
We house the brightest light
The birth of love,
Visible to the naked eye
I cease when you no longer exist.

The Science of Sex.

Particles cling,
Like lingerie
Tight to my ribcage.
Short breath,
Tone as touch
I want your words
So much,
Vocal cords strained
Tension remains, intact.
Birds and honey bees
Lips speak of sensual things
Lost in thought, witchery.
Entangle me,
In sheets of things you speak.
Form fitting figments of
Allure, captivate me.
Trap me beneath
A flick of your tongue
You’re the one.
At the corners of your lips
Tugs at the woman in me.
I want to satisfy your
Every whim
Let me in.
Stories and pieces of your day
Like your strong hands running
Down my lower back.
Stopping at my ass
My breasts against your breath
Entice me with your dreams
Haunt my memory with
Intangible sweets.
Say something,
Play with me.
I’m enchanted with your speech
Wordsmith, speaking
Lovely pieces of your past.
Punctuation, spoken gently
Like copulation.
Leave me hanging
On your last words
Animal magnetism
Pulls me in
Squeeze my thighs together as you
Slip in a goodnight,
Tuck me in with
Last thoughts
Spoken like final rights.
You have me crawling
Across my bed
I’m ready
My eyes are locked on
The sex you speak
Your voice gets to me.
Longing and lust
I want to fuck your mind
So much.


Broken contraptions,
Gadgets and gizmos.
Unusual features, her face fits
The darkness.
My lips are as soft as silk
Sweet, like honeycomb.
She leans in,
Whispers into the nape of my neck
How much she wants him.
I’m a novelty
Tiring, I drag my eyelashes across
My fingertip
And melt into my own
Wires and screws
Nuts and bolts
I hope she lands him.