I paused, mid-sentence
Rolled my tongue over my teeth
Listening to my next thought
Then I speak
Each particle purposefully placed.
Counting out syllables
Here, dig through speech
About a past, about a boy
About a man
Present, ultimatums
His intentions
Can’t break momentum,
Can’t shake trespasses.
Moments, unaccounted for
Forms response, makes sense.
Justified and minimized.
Hands over blame.
He grits his teeth,
Broke down palace, wanting in.
Showcase, girl on fire
Excuse me.
Pardons and sighs like land mines
Missed call, dial landlines.
This is my breaking point,
Talk to me.


Enslaved, a touch away from home
Prisoner of my own making.
Scar tissue
Solitude, alone.
Framed, olive over bone.
Calloused, metaphorically speaking.
Movements grow to be too much
Carving names
Delicate exoskeletons.
I long to be everything
Trapped, freedom pending.
Stretched marks, pave
Paths on cutis
Sun-kissed and dizzy, slight
Fever. A fraction of what I feel.
A fraction of what I am.
Sensation, Against me.
Time’s cruelest joke,
Forcing me

Sight for Sore Eyes.

Devoid, the magic of science
In constant flight
Avoids infinite destruction.
Unleash understanding
Ten Billion Souls,
Not one of us dying.

Persistence pays off.
Supreme devotion.
Devoted, to nothing.
Gravitational anomaly

We are not gods,
Striving among men.
We are lost,
I’ve been watching,
Eternities of bloodshed.

Aligned, we’re trying.
Consumed by sight.
A sight for sore eyes.
The connection has been lost,
But I am trying.


Fallen shadows
Cling to me.
Bathing in darkness
Beneath Cedars.

Sprinkled atop
Beds of soft needles.
I often wonder

What heavenly fragrance
Might arise.
My skin set ablaze
Delicate flames,

Dancing among
The trees.

Fallen ashes
Would cling to me.
Bathing in wonder
Beneath Cedar trees.